Abamectin is a widely used insecticide and anthelmintic.
Abamectin is a mixture of avermectins containing more than 80% avermectin B1a and less than 20% avermectin B1b. These two components, B1a and B1b have very similar biological and toxicological properties. The avermectins are insecticidal and antihelmintic compounds derived from various laboratory broths fermented by the soil bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis. Abamectin is a natural fermentation product of this bacterium.
Abamectin is used to control insect and mite pests of a range of agronomic, fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops, and it is used by homeowners for control of fire ants. Abamectin is also used as a veterinary antihelmintic. Resistance to abamectin-based antihelmintics, although a growing problem, is not as common as to other classes of veterinary antihelmintics. The benzoate salt emamectin benzoate is also used as an insecticide.
CAS No. : 71751-41-2 (86753-29-9)
Specification :95% TC
Classification : Insticide,nematicide and acaricide
Packing: 1kg/Alu. Foil bag, 25kg/drum or according to special requirement.
Storage: Keep in cool and dry place,
Shelf Life: 2 years
Application:avermectin is a new class of antibiotics, has a novel structure, livestock dual characteristics
The Specification
95% TECH
1.8% EC
White crystalline powder
Light yellow liquid
A. I. Content, %
95.0 min
1.8 min
Content  B1a, %
90.0 min
Loss on Drying, %
2.0 max
Heavy Metal, %
0.001 max
Water, %
3.0 max
pH Value
Residue On Ignition, %
0.1 max
Arsenic, ppm
2.0 max
Emulsion stability

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